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Women Empowerment

Miss Beauty and Bestbrains International empowers women and supports gender equality in the society through her office, many societies ill treat women especially in the developing world. In such scenerios women are denied most key political positions and appointments, not to mention the abuse on their rights, especially the girl child, some laws and cultures practiced across many communities in the developing world violate the basic human rights. Should we mention the sexual harrasment, rape and denial to quality education of the girl child.

We are here to be a voice to the voiceless, intimidated and violated women out there, we also spread the news to defend basic human rights of endangered women out there.

We achieve these by organizing seminars and counselings for women to know their rights through our trained experts, we also publicly criticize and seek justice for the humiliated women in the society.

Empowerment means moving from enforced powerlessness to a position of power. Education is an essential means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to fully participate in the development process. Sustainable development is only possible when women and men enjoy equal opportunities to reach their potential.

Women and girls experience multiple and intersecting inequalities.

Structural barriers in the economic, social, political and environmental spheres produce and reinforce these inequalities. Obstacles to women’s economic and political empowerment, and violence against women and girls, are barriers to sustainable development and the achievement of human rights, gender equality, justice and peace.

Across much of the world, either by law or custom, women are still denied the right to own land or inherit property, obtain access to credit, attend school, earn income and progress in their profession free from job discrimination.

Women's empowerment is catalytic and central” to achieving social and environmental goals, UNDP Associate Administrator Rebeca Grynspan said. “Women are central actors making the case for the sustainable development triple-win strategy”—meaning economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability.

The panel included former Finnish president Tarja Halonen and Amina Mohammed, founder of the Center for Development Policy Solutions and Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Post-2015 Development Planning.